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Build China Certification & inspection "aircraft carrier"

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-- visit China building material test and Certification Center ( CTC ) standing vice director Professor Ma Zhenzhu


According to China's WTO accession commitments, foreign certification agencies since December 11, 2005in China construction inspection, testing, certification laboratory, has long been in the protection of the state of domestic inspection certification market gate has on the world open, foreign inspection certification authority by virtue of its advanced technology, strong financial strength, scientific management ideas, as well as the mature market operation mode, actively seize the domestic certification market, especially the commercial inspection certification market.

In this context, China Certification & inspection industry situation after all how? Home inspection certification bodies by foreign peer institutions how to hit? And how to face fierce market competition test? Taking these issues, the reporter interviewed a few days ago Instrument Information Net - China building material test and Certification Center ( CTC ) standing vice director Professor Ma Zhenzhu.

China building material test and Certification Center ( CTC ) standing vice director Professor Ma Zhenzhu

CTC relying on China Building Materials Science Research Institute was founded at the end of 2005, Professor Ma Zhenzhu served as deputy director of the center, has overall responsibility for the work of the center,2007 main income breaks through 100000000 yuan, achieve CTC founded only two years of income doubling brilliant outstanding achievement, total 2008income has increased to 116000000 yuan, is currently China's building material testing and certification the largest and has an independent legal personality of the third party inspection certification bodies.

International giants compete in Chinese market, domestic inspection certification bodies develop urgently

China's accession to the WTO promised, in China to provide testing services for more than 3 years of foreign service providers can set up in China the technical testing, analysis and inspection of goods ( with the exception of statutory inspection ) mechanism; after entering a life inside 2 years, allow ( non statutory inspection ) foreign inspection service providers foreign holdings; after entering the WTO in 4 years, allow ( non statutory inspection ) foreign inspection service providers in China to set up wholly-owned subsidiary.

China's economy sustained, rapid development, China has become second only to the United States in the global second big inspection certification market. Nowadays, China Certification & inspection market door has on the world open, International Certification Group currently has measure ground to huge bulk into China, domestic laboratory strength is also growing, the two has become increasingly fierce competition.

In 1, the international certification giant localized acceleration

Director Ma Zhenzhu first said: " most well-known foreign inspection certification body has a long history, involving a wide range, in the world to set up many branches. In recent years, the international authority of inspection agencies have set up in China network, China has been in the initial completion of the commercial layout work, business development momentum is good."

Such as: SGS ( SGS ) with over 14000offices and laboratories,55000 employees, more than 70000customers worldwide. SGS in mainland China started to venture into the Chinese identity, joint venture for the China National Quality Technology Supervision Bureau under China Standard Technology Development Corporation, so in mainland China SGS name is: Standards Technical Services Co. At present, at least 7000 China SGS certification enterprises in the Chinese market, annual income reached1400000000 yuan.

Has hundred years history of the United States of America safety testing laboratory ( UL ) is through membership means operates to profit, currently has an international membership of more than 10000, attract sb.'s attention is its developed more than 10000 products and industry standards for the global enterprise implementation. In 2003January, UL and China Certification & Inspection ( CCIC ) invest 15000000 dollar jointly set up in Suzhou and the United States UL Certification Limited company, at present, UL & UL global certification has become the fastest growing business branches.

Germany T Rhine V certification testing group was founded in 1872, set up headquarters in Cologne, in 61 countries and more than 490 areas have more than 13300 employees, annual sales income of more than 1100000000euro. Since 1988, V T established in Hongkong China branch, is now in the8 major Chinese city established service network, for the Chinese enterprises to provide direct export certification and inspection services.

In 2, China Certification & inspection agency develops quickly urgently

China Certification & inspection industry development has experienced from the budding, development to mature stage. New China establishs initial stage for budding phase, in order to ensure the quality of import and export products, our country established a basis for testing laboratory. The last century 80's to early 90's to enter the stage of development, in order to adapt to the reform and open policy and the market economy construction need, by national transfer funds for special support, formed nearly5000 countries, industries, the local inspection laboratory. When the history of the twenty-first Century, inspection and certification industry has entered a mature stage, especially after our country joins WTO domestic appeared in the third wave of construction inspection and certification bodies.

Among them, the attestation of our country work is accompanied by China's reform and opening up and development, from the first electrical products and electronic components product certification start, gradually expanded to other areas of products and building materials industry. In order to adapt to the development of domestic and international situation changes, since 2001, our country to the certification and accreditation administration system reform, the establishment of the national attestation approves supervisory management committee, execute attestation to approve the work of the unified management.

At present, China 's inspection agency with" China" two character unit only two: China Certification & inspection group ( CCIC ), and certification center of China building material test ( CTC ). Among them, CCIC is the original 2007China Certification & inspection group and the China Quality Certification Center merger reorganization, is currently China's largest belt" China " prefix" inspection, identification, testing, certification of" industry internationalization inspection certification bodies, year business income amounts to about 3500000000.

" In addition, private testing organizations were established, and in the domestic certification market occupies a space for one person, wherein, each year tens of millions of dollars in revenue is not uncommon. According to the national certification and Accreditation Committee statistics, only China's building materials, construction and related testing laboratory is up to more than 4600."

" In contrast, China's inspection agency established history is not long, from the formation of today about the history of over 20 years, but most of them are from the laboratory evolved." Director Ma Zhenzhu pointed out that" seek truth from facts, the inspection agency of our country in technology, capital, certification standards and other aspects and there is a big gap between the foreign inspection agencies."

Accelerate the strategy to the pace of development, give China Certification & inspection industry independent brands

Along with the Chinese market economy unceasing development and the consummation, national mandatory inspection, business inspection and testing market contains great business opportunities. Competition is inevitable, but foreign inspection agencies to enter, also brought international leading detection service concept. In an open, fair and competitive environment, active learning, is funded enterprises the key to winning the market, but also to promote the development of important dynamic testing services.

1, actively expand business areas, is committed to building a" comprehensive inspection certification bodies"

Director Ma Zhenzhu points out:" expand their business areas, improve the level of their business is the primary task of the development of inspection and certification bodies."

" A total of inspection, certification, equipment research and development, extension services in four major business content, wherein the inspection business income accounted for as much as 85% of the expansion of business scope, certification is in the center of the past two years and the next period of time to do, short-term to achieve inspection, certification two ' wings ' equilibrium development of." At present, CTC can provide to the community building materials products CCC certification, China building materials certification CTC certification, management system certification, automotive glass replacement service certification, and for export enterprises to provide CE, ECE, DOT, IGCC / IGMA, KAN, AS, GS proxy authentication service.

" In addition, the center is applying for the qualification of construction engineering detection field, detect business by building materials products to the construction engineering fields, to cover all areas of building materials products. The center will also provide food, health, environment and other fields, the building construction field, to the comprehensive inspection certification bodies."

In 2, steady development of the domestic market, strive for" mature one another"

" Center of the existing customers in40% from the Beijing area, how to expand outside Beijing market share, it is us the main task henceforth. In order to further expand the domestic building materials industry certification test center business, actively implement the ' going out ' strategy, first in the coastal economically developed areas, such as provincial capital city built by the center holding or wholly owned branches."

The CTC at the end of 2008the establishment of the Xiamen center, and in 2009March acquisition of Xiamen Hongye Construction Technology Company, to develop the Xiamen and even the whole of Fujian province building materials industry certification and inspection business.

Review of the CTC center of Xiamen formation and operation, director Ma Zhenzhu points out:" to the local inspection certification market did not know fully, own reserves is insufficient, especially the certification and inspection technology and management talent shortage, we set up branches in more outstanding issue; through set up in Xiamen, we are taking a little ' detour ', but also accumulated rich experience, for example, now we do not agree with their established branches in the field directly, but suggest looking for local basic inspection institutions or companies for the acquisition, on the basis of further capital investment, renewal of equipment, personnel training."

" Overall, ' go ' pace not stridden too fast, to stand firmly and fight steadily, feeling stone to cross a river, for ' mature one another '."

In 3, with foreign detection mechanism for extensive cooperation, as soon as possible into the international market

" Domestic certification institutions after years of operation, has a considerable number of customers, as well as foreign certification testing agencies to Chinese market competition cost considerations, so the domestic, testing certification body will have business cooperation may."

" Foreign building materials products to enter the Chinese market, in order to facilitate the sale also hope to find the domestic authority of the certification institution shall bear the detection work. To expand their business ability, positive and the foreign institutions, inspection and certification industry is undoubtedly a shortcut of development."

In this context, CTC has made certain achievements, Germany has won the V T, American Management Association of motor vehicle, the United States IGCC / IGMA, Applus of Spain, Indonesia product certification center, Holland TNO, VCA VCA collaborating laboratories and other foreign authority qualification authorization or cooperation laboratory.

" As soon as possible into the international market, in foreign countries to establish their own branches; the center has specialized in the Department of international business, now has more than 160international clients, each year several delegations abroad to these customers to provide certification services."

The 4, accelerate standard, drive China Certification & inspection market development

The "standard" in the global market competition the unique status and important role has no doubt that, in the test area of certification is no exception;" CTC make every year, the revision of the national standards, industry standards, local standards for nearly80, have 20 every year a number of new standards from the center of the hand. We actively encourage employees to apply standard formulate, participate in others assume the standard drafting work to."

It is worth emphasizing, in 2009May, CTC launched a ISO standard task, this is our country building materials industry in the ISO organization was the first international standard working group.

Finally, director Ma Zhenzhu points out:" China inspection certification bodies to bigger, stronger, in the international market has a space for one person in inspection and certification, and has a more international discourse right, is one of the ways to accelerate the development of domestic industry standards, expanding the inspection certification category, further enhance the industry standard, more substantive participation in international standards, speed up conform with the international market."

" Integration of resources, go specialization, dimensions to change the way of development, in order to test the market enter give a new way, in order to meet the challenge, to create belong to our country inspection industry certification of national brand, with international renowned certification body."